The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide

The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide is designed to educate and empower women across the globe to protect their most valuable asset, which is LIFE with life insurance protection. Gurl is spelled with a “u” because this experience is designed for the woman in YOU! At the end of The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide you will be more informed of the benefits of life insurance and prepared to meet with Ebony Ruffin of Ruffin Consulting Services for your confidential life insurance consultation.

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Why launch the The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide?

 The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide is a solution to women across the globe to provide answers and clarity to the following about life insurance:

Clearly defines life insurance

Easily explains the types of life insurance

Helps you to determine how much life insurance is needed for you and your family

Provides insight of what to look for in a licensed and appointed life insurance agent

Explains the role and responsibility of the licensed and appointed life insurance agent

Identifies the personal information needed on the potential insured in order to create a life insurance illustration

Encourage women to confidently identify their value and correlation to the importance of life insurance ownership

Increase the percentage of life insurance ownership amongst women

Inspire women to embrace discussions on life insurance

The 3 Components to The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide:

The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide Booklet

Professionally designed and printed booklet in vibrant color

Twelve pages of jammed pack life insurance content to fulfill the promise of

why The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide was launched as described above

Activities designed to help you identify your life insurance affirmation statement and apply

your affirmation to your understanding of why life insurance is a necessary component to your financial planning

Your Choice of 1 Top QUALITY Leather Portfolio


Ink Pen holder

Business card slot

Inside flap that holds 3 wallet size cards

Magnetic closure

Quality stitching

Available in black or fire orange

High-quality leather

95+ blank front and back lined pages

Ideal to jot down all life insurance notes and activities from The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide Booklet

Fashionable, professional and the perfect size for business meetings, brainstorming activities

or a seat at a table

Easily store in mid-large size handbag, professional work bag or briefcase

Signature Ink Pen

Product Reviews

Thank you to each #gurlboss that has supported the mission + message of life insurance awareness by purchasing The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide.

I absolutely love everything about The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide and the personal note. This is definitely a must have for women! They are going to love the guide and the beautiful portfolio.


I love it and thank you. It’s beautiful! I am writing my goals in my guide.


Upon receipt of the fire orange Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide, I felt like a kid in a candy store type of excitement!


I carry the leather portfolio with me everywhere I go for my million dollar ideas


When I have life insurance questions, I contact Ebony of Ruffin Consulting Services. Ebony is the best to ensure that life insurance is integral component of your life. She is a leader and I can count on her. She’s running a productive agenda of The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide. The guide is beautiful, informative and every detail is amazing; very delicate and sophisticated.


Contact Ebony for all of your life insurance needs. I treated myself to The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide as Christmas gift.


The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide was awaiting for me upon my return home from travel. The guide is beautiful and thank you for the wonderful note and words of encouragement.


Insurance is one area I am not 100% knowledgeable so I must take time to go through the steps but I did not feel overwhelmed. The Gurl Get Your Life Guide™ provided just enough information to prompt me to ask questions. I love the journal and the personalize note. The guide is great, simple and to the point but full of information. Ebony did a really great job!


One of my goals is to learn more about life insurance. Thanks to The Gurl Get Your Life™ Guide, I am well on my way to learning more about life insurance. I love my portfolio and the booklet!


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