Ebony’s passion for financial consulting developed as she traveled the world as the daughter of an active duty military parent in the U.S. Army. Through her experience both domestic and abroad, she learned the value of saving, investing and insurance protection. Ebony pursued her passion for finance through her studies at Auburn University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance and a Master of Business Administration in International Business from Mercer University.

Ebony launched Ruffin Consulting Services with a mission to educate families and business owners on the value of life insurance and proactive financial planning.

Ruffin Consulting Services offers a suite of financial solutions for individuals and families consisting of Life Insurance Protection, Living Benefits, Annuities, and Non-qualified Plans for business owners such as Key Person Life Insurance.

Ebony Ruffin is a licensed and appointed life insurance agent.

Ebony’s vision is to be your #1 life insurance agent; growing with you through each phase of your family and business.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ebony as Leader of the Local Levo DC community. In our time working together, I’ve seen Ebony consistently go above and beyond for the 2,000+ members in her Local community. She is dedicated, hard-working, and knows how to plan and execute events that inspire. There can be unique challenges that arise from working remotely (I am based in SF and Ebony in DC), but she is overly communicative and always keeps me updated. I never feel in the dark about what’s going on with her community and am constantly impressed by her heart, motivation and drive.

B. Morin

Over the last year I’ve gotten to know Ebony on both a personal and professional level and she is an amazing business owner and person. She is highly knowledgeable about the finance and insurance industry and I have leveraged her expertise several times and continuously recommend her to others. She’s also very particular about maintaining high standards and good relationships when it comes to the people she deals with.  Most recently I worked with Ebony on a collaboration and it was a pleasure to work with her. Due to her efforts and due diligence, the event took place without a hitch and even received raving reviews.  I look forward to working with Ebony again in the near future!

B. Sokunbi

Ebony’s passion and energy is so infectious! I’ve worked alongside with her as a co-leader for Local Levo DC. Ebony knows not only how to host a successful event, but also how to reach out to groups from a wide range of folks. Ebony is able to find intersections between a number of topics and cultivate inspiring discussions.

N. Chung

Ebony is very motivated and focused on whatever task may be put in front of her. Always taking the initiative to go above on beyond in all aspects of her life. Her leadership skills are ones that may aspire to attain and she has been amazing to work with in leading the DC Levo Community.

K. Seymour

As students of Auburn University, Ebony and I volunteered some of our free time to tutor elementary to middle school children, who were mostly from distressed neighborhoods for an area church.
Ebony was extremely dedicated to helping those children improve their computer skills, master their homework and improve their self-discipline. She understood the value of being a mentor as well as a role model.
She showed compassion and displayed strong character as a volunteer. For these reasons I would recommend Ebony as a partner, community leader, volunteer or even a friend.

C. Menifee

Ebony Ruffin is an individual you want as part of your professional team and personal tribe.  I first met Ebony in 2016 through Levo DC. Since then, our relationship has flourished from acquaintances who enjoy seeing each other at networking events to friends who seek each other’s advice and support. Ebony’s strong leadership is exemplified through her willingness to share her knowledge and time with other women, who devotion to help others grow and develop as she does the same.   Her financial acumen is top notch, but what sets her apart is how she is able to parse information, discerning strategic ways to communicate it so to ensure it is accessible, applicable and understandable for whomever she is speaking with. Ebony is truly one-of-a-kind, and I feel very fortunate to have her as a colleague, a peer, and a friend.
M. Danehey

Ebony is an exceptional speaker who knows her stuff! She is well versed in the finance industry and I would definitely book again to speak at another one of our events. She is very professional, reliable and has a very welcoming attitude.

M. Tucker

Ebony is the epitome of a great asset to an organization. During our time, working alongside each other, I got to witness her passion, dedication, and commitment to every task laid in front of her. She is constantly looking for ways to streamline and improve workflows, provide further analysis, and never misses a deadline. She’s results oriented and easily one of the most professional individuals I know. I cannot recommend her work ethic enough, and it was my good fortune to have worked with her.

L. Abdelhamid

Ebony is a strong accountant who is committed to her professional growth and development. In addition to her own career development, she is passionate beyond words about seeing those around her grow and develop in their careers. I believe Ebony’s key to her success is her ultimate desire to add value to everyone’s life in the most effective and meaningful way possible.

J. Duriga

I had the pleasure to work alongside the hard-working and extremely talented, Ebony Ruffin, and it is was truly a joy. Ebony was incredible. Not just in her professionalism and demeanor, but in her clear understanding of how to successfully coordinate and promote an event. In my time in working with her not only did I see her excel at her core elements of her experience but also conquer other tasks that extended well beyond the scope of her role, like coordinating, event planning, securing key partnerships, email marketing and social media. Ebony’s capacity to perfectly and seamlessly coordinate every aspect of the event while still easily balancing her role as Washington D.C. LEVO’s Chapter President, was truly amazing to watch. As an entrepreneur, Ebony already has the essential characteristics: smart and analytic, fast and responsive, intelligent risk taking, focus. She applies those essential characteristics to her role as President of the LEVO Washington D.C. chapter – and it shows beautifully.
I look forward to the day where Ebony and I can work together again. I have only optimistic predictions for her career trajectory.

K. Kindred

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